About Me

water tanks, water tank, wooden water tank, rainwater harvesting, water storage Hi,

I’m glad you found me and I hope that you find my book, Build Your Own 3,000 Gallon Wooden Cistern,  informative and helpful.

I’m an engineer by trade and a serious DIYer in my spare time.  I’ve built many constructions projects including a house, two workshops, two greenhouses, a bridge, a pergola, raised bed gardens, and of course, the subject of this book.  I have strong interests in the environment and the concept of sustainability, which caused me to focus my construction skills toward this project.  Here where I live in North Texas, we have been going through a serious drought, the like of which has not been seen since the 1950s.  The need to water my landscaping plants caused me to look for a more responsible (and cheaper) solution to using city water.  This site is my attempt to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated by building this project.

I’ve put a lot of effort in ensuring that this book and the accompanying SketchUp file contains everything you will need to duplicate my cistern, or even build one of a different size.  I’m confident you’ll agree that there is nothing else like this guide available anywhere.

Email: woodcistern@twc.com