Table of Contents

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents:


1.0 A Few Opening Remarks

2.0 What’s in the Box?

3.0 Why Harvest Rainwater?

4.0 Why Wood?

5.0 Basic Wooden Water Cistern Construction Techniques

5.1 Site Selection

5.2 Overview of the Cistern Construction

6.0 Getting Ready for Construction of the 3,000 Gallon Wooden Water Cistern

6.1 Required Tools

6.2. Selection and Storage of Lumber

6.3 List of Materials

6.4 A Good Foundation is Key

6.5. General Notes on Cutting and Milling the Parts

7.0. The Base

7.1 Laying Out and Cutting the Base Notches

7.1.1 Mark the Notches on the 6” x 6” Timbers

7.1.2 Cutting the Notches in the Timbers and Assembly

7.2 Making the Base Circular

8.0 The Floor

8.1 Machining the Floor Boards

8.2 Drawing the Floor’s Circular Perimeter

8.3 Marking the Locations and Drilling the Floor Dowel Holes

8.3.1 Marking the Dowel Locations

8.3.2 Drilling the Dowel Holes

9.0 The Staves

9.1 Ripping the Bevels on the Staves

9.2 Routing the Croze on the Staves

9.3 Drilling the Dowel Holes in the Staves

9.4 Trial Assembly of the Staves

10.0 Making the Bands and Brackets

10.1 Making the Brackets

10.2 Cutting the Bands and Attaching the Brackets

11.0 Construction of the Roof

11.1 Construction of the Center Vent

11.1.1 Positioning and Supporting the Center Vent

11.2 The Rafters

11.3 The Subfascia

11.4 The Hatch Framework

11.5 The Roof Joists

11.6 The Roof Decking

11.7 The Roof Center Vent Flashing and Cover

11.7.1 Construction of the Center Vent Flashing

11.7.2 Construction of the Center Vent Cover

11.7.3 Shaping the Center Vent to Match its Cover

11.8 Milling the Fascia

12.0 Use of a Plastic Liner

13.0 Assembly

13.1 Assembling the Base, Floor, and Staves

13.2 Installing the Liner

13.3 Erecting the Roof

13.4 Installing the Decking and Roofing

13.4.1 Installing the Vent Flashing and Cover

13.5 Constructing the Hatch Cover

13.6 Installing an Outlet Valve

13.7 Installing the Soffit and Fascia

13.7.1 Soffit Furring

13.7.2 Soffit

13.7.3 Fascia

13.8 Installing the Inlet and Overflow Piping

13.8.1 Construction and Function of the Inlet Piping

13.8.2 Construction and Function of the Overflow Piping

13.9 The Finish

13.10 A Ladder

14.0 What if I Need a Different Size Cistern?